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Close Protection or Body-Guarding, as it more commonly known, has been in existence in one form or another since early civilisation.  In modern times Close Protection as we know it today used to be supplied by the military but more recently, by law enforcement units for dignitaries and high profile individuals for specific occasions/events.  Private sector security companies now offer this type of service to the private sector and have built up a highly specialised offering using the techniques and specialism's adopted by the law enforcement services.


For certain high profile individuals and families close protection is a way of life and an irreplaceable asset to those individuals who require the service.


- its 100% about protecting the life and lifestyle of our

  client (and associated family members)

- no more, no less!


Typical Close Protection teams comprise:


- Team Leader (TL)

- Bodyguard (BG)

- Second in Command (2IC)

- Team members

- Driver(s)


The majority of our close protection teams are made up from ex-services,  special forces and police personnel and are, therefore, trained and versed in team dynamics so they operate like a well oiled machine.


All members of the Close Protection team are trained to the highest standards and specialise in their own field and all have enhanced CRB clearance and full CP IQ/SIA credentials in Hostile Enviroment.

Close Protection:


Implicit with the title we:


- Accept higher risk instructions

- Are experienced in high and low profile

- Are skilled and motivated professionals

- Have one job - to protect their Principal

- Remain courteous and amicable under pressure

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