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Our service offering is end to end.  This means that we can supply any type of vehicle such as bullet proof high performance vehicles, 4x4 or luxury.  If we supply the vehicle then you can rest assured regarding the safety of the vehicle which would only be sourced from approved suppliers who have been vetted and checked beforehand.


These vehicles will be driven by highly trained professional drivers who have operated in this industry for many years.  Importantly, they will be appropriate to the assignment in terms of their local knowledge to ensure not only safety but also comfort.

High Value Goods

It is a well documented fact that the transportation of high-value commodities between locations may attract unwanted attention from the criminal fraternity, with hijacking being the most common method used when bulk consignments of sale-able consumables are involved.  It is likely that basic surveillance will have been conducted by those intending to target your business prior to the commencement of an offense.


We use either high or low profile cover, depending on the clients wishes or insurance company's requirements.  This can include covert surveillance through to escorted convoy.


We are able to provide UK & International for:


* Single Truck loads and convoys

* Personal items of significant value such as cars, diamonds, cash and documents

* Mules or undisclosed vehicles (new models that have never been seen publicly before)

* Items collected air-side and escorted through Customs to UK destinations.

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