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Overt & Covert Surveillance

With the ever-increasing incidents of Insurance fraud investment with a trusted company capable of undertaking both covert/overt investigations will pay dividends quickly.  Our team of Investigators are highly experienced and can be relied upon to identify false or fraudulent claims.


With compulsory registration to the SIA in Autumn 2014 you should ensure that your Investigation partner hold’s SIA approval.  As an SIA approved company we are in the process of bringing CP/Investigation work into the scope of our approval ahead of the compulsory deadline.  In addition to this all of our Investigators hold the necessary SIA individual approval/license to carry out CP/Investigation work.


We cover the following disciplines:


- Insurance - Injury, Life Insurance, disability and other

  false claims.

- Legal - prosecution or defence, evidence gathering

- Matrimonial & domestic investigations

- Criminal and civil investigations such as, ASBO and



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